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  • Social Media Sharing
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  • Radio / TV Show Schedule Table
  • Unlimited Page Magazine / Blog
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Add On Services

Quick Start Content Entry

Because you want to get your website published quickly, you can simply let our staff insert all your initial content so you can focus on promotion. All you do is send an email with all you want to post, and it is all done with 5 hours or less.

Additional Fee $166.60

Advance Customization

This will include the Quick Start content entry, plus custom design or modification of any theme. Additionally if a special function is needed to enhance a display, the coding will be done. Job time is approximately 15 hours.

Additional Fee $366.60

Content Development

This includes all the Quick Start and Advanced Customization, plus thorough content research and development to create valuable keywords for search engine listing.

15 days turn-around

Additional Fee $891.60

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Website Venture Types

While every website has the potential to generate income, not all websites are purposed for income. Some owners just want a place to publish what matters to them and the few that share in that interest. If you just want a website, just get a website and do what you like.

You can create any website type with the multitude of productivity tools included at no additional cost. Below are some ideas which may be a useful venture. Just let your imagination go to work.

Internet Radio Stream

Internet Radio Stream

This format has allowed many aspiring radio hosts who could not realize their dream to be on air, to get their own show on the road. The costs are very affordable and the reach is global, which makes it more viable than local. Revenue is generated from advertising in multiple media format.

Dedicated Shopping

Dedicated Shopping

Every website can have a shopping cart as a section, however there are sites that is entirely an online store because that is what they are solely about.

Blog / Magazine / News

Blog / Magazine / News

This is the longest running website type and the basis of what a website really is -- just a collection of literature, ideas, daily thoughts, rants, opinions, instructions, and whatever one can write about. It can be just videos, photos, audio or text. Whatever is published on a page, is a blog. Now the popularity of that single post is what determines its value and makes it a source of monetization.

File Hosting

File Hosting

File hosting comprises of all things referred as a digital file - images to software - and they do serve a large and viable market. There are always folks seeking free ware and there are equally many folks seeking a place to publish and distribute their wares. Your website could be part of that industry.



There are endless products and services which can be reviewed and noted. Users can post their experiences and cast votes. These websites attract lots of search engines as people tend to research before buying.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

This format is the prelude to what's now referred as "social media", and it is still relevant today. It serves the valuable purpose of grouping people who wish to share thoughts and ideas at a single website. Revenue is primarily advertising, but there is always the potential for membership subscription fees.

Fact Checking

Fact Checking

The advent of social media has led to numerous misleading posts that have swayed the minds of millions around the world, hence the rise of the fact-check industry. These primarily a form of blogging but with a specific purpose. The prime revenue source is advertising.

Member Subscriptions

Member Subscriptions

This business model is very lucrative if you have something of value that is worthy to many. Categories such as music lessons, cooking classes, religious studies, programming classes, music download, software download, movie streaming

Directory Listing

Directory Listing

The directory listing model is quite popular and somewhat saturated, however if it is set to serve specific niches, there is a greater chance of generating revenue from subscriptions or more commonly, advertisements.

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