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Joomla Custom Kit

Four Extensions Included In One Package

1. Joomla Content Custom Fields And Custom Formatting

With this CMSE Custom Fields plugin, a Joomla website owner will be able to easily optimize and maximize each article page without moving back and forth between components to prepare content. Insert captivating and relative multi-media objects on-the-fly to keep your viewers hooked, while posting an article. Reduce extension clutter and dependency on many third party applications. Stay as close to the core system as possible. See the demo


  • Category Blog formatting with shortcodes

  • Article formatting with shortcodes

  • Video playlist

  • Audio playlist

  • Audio player fixed to page bottom

  • Internet radio stream player

  • Poll

  • Google map

  • Live Chat room

  • PayPal cart

  • Social media feed

  • Joomla Core banner slide show

  • Easily place Joomla 3.7 custom fields anywhere in an article with shortcodes [field="45,6,72"]

  • Insert div elements with classes while in WYSIWYG mode [div class="sidebar"][field="45,6,72"][/div]


The plugin will add a tab labeled CMSE Fields to the article tab set, and insert custom an article template override file into the default front end template. The file has a custom name cmse.php so it will not overwrite any existing files.

Minimum Requirement

Joomla 3.6.x | PHP 5.4.x

2. Joomla Content Articles Display Module

This Joomla Articles display module will enhance user experience and boost article views. The module uses the shortcode layout system which will allow easy data object formatting in many ways. See the multiple formats below.


  • Display articles as Latest Post, Featured Only, Most Viewed, Updated, Ascending or Descending order or Random

  • Display article intro or fulltext image, or show a default image if neither are available

  • Resize images using the selectable range of JImage functions

  • Display truncated text as intro text from the article

  • Display meta objects, author, published date, hits, comment count.

  • Add and rearrange each data object with placeholders [title][image][text] etc

  • Preset layout and styling, selectable by drop select field.

  • Item responsive slideshow with multiple transition effects. Swipe and drag capable.

  • Virtual Pagination to allow high volume item count while showing X amount per page.

  • Category blog emulation to show Lead, Items and title links

  • Insert HTML, modules or other plugin shortcodes after X count items to break

  • Add HTML or plain text above and below the module content

  • Insert content plugin shortcode to render any additional content (photo gallery, poll etc)

  • Copy style override to the default frontend template for easy alternate styling

3. CMSE Shortcodes Editor Button

4. CMSE Video Custom Field


Subscription renewal is optional. There is no auto billing. Error correction releases are free to registered users of the package.

Joomla OnePage Builder

Easily build OnePage marketing page(s) within your existing website using a Joomla article and the CMSE OnePage Module. Includes Module, Template and Plugin. The price is for 6 months of updates and support.


  • Easy Shortcode Insert Editor Plugin
  • Screen Width Responsive
  • Automatic Mobile Menu
  • Parallax Effect
  • Background Video Display
  • Video Player and Playlist
  • Audio Player and Playlist
  • Google Map
  • PayPal Cart
  • Icon Fonts
  • Unlimited Styling

See The Demo

Hosting Requirement

  • PHP 5.6+ (min 5.4)
  • Joomla 3.6+ (min 3.4)

Mosets Tree Listing Display Module

This will replace the original Mosets Tree module to display listed items. The price is for 6 months of updates and support.


  • Pagination
  • Slideshow
  • Multiple Slide Themes
  • Multiple Static Themes
  • Flexible Styling
  • Custom CSS
  • Exclude Fields
  • List details truncate
  • Auto div element height in grid view
  • Horizontal align with horizontal scroll (ideal for mobile devices)
  • Post and Pre text areas (ideal for plain text, HTML of Google adsense)
  • Module insert (ideal for banner ads)
  • Auto insert object after X count items
Default Mosets Module Functions
  • Multiple Categories
  • Field Selection
  • Filter by field
  • Item count
  • Type
  • Page and category assignment
  • Title truncate

See The Demo

Hosting And Website Requirement

  • PHP 5.6+ (min 5.4)
  • Joomla 3.6+ (min 3.4)
  • Mosets Tree 3+