Client User Manuals

These guides apply to clients of whose website was developed on the Joomla Content Manager Framework. The systems used for your website may have non-standard functions and modifications so the standard system manual will not provide instructions for those changes.

Your website was already configured for your needs by so these guides are to assist you with the management of your publications. You may need to add functions as you grow so there are instructions included for such executions.

Usage of this user manual

  • The best method is to focus only on what you need to do at the moment. Trying to know it all at once will be daunting, confusing and very 'throw the computer out the window' frustrating.
  • You should be logged into your administration area while using this guide to do each step as instructed. Your administration login details were sent to you in an email. If you do not know it and cannot find the email, please send a request using the help form in the right column.
  • You do NOT need to start from chapter 1 (there is no chapter format). Use the navigation in the right column to go directly to the guide you want.
  • The black all uppercase titles in the navigation are the category names. Click on those titles to reveal the guides relative titles it contains.
  • Use the search field often as it will find exact matches of what you seek. You can type 'how to add a link' and it will return the correct data.
  • If you cannot find something specific to your needs, please use the help form in the right column to submit the question and you will get a quick response.

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