Managing Content With K2

These instructions are for Joomla websites using the K2 component. You must be logged into the website content management administration to use this guide.

All content including articles, videos, audio, photo gallery, shopping cart, basic contact form, are published with this single component.

The initial login dashboard view

A page can quickly be created by clicking on any one of the navigation items in view


Fill In The Fields

The title and category selection are required. Add text and images in the text area. The tab labeled Insert/Edit Image will allow image insertion in the yext area.

add post step1

Insert The Intro Image

This is the image displayed as the category item thumbnail. If you require a thumbnail image for each, you must insert an Intro Image.
Note: When a Youtube video is added using the video special field, the post must be saved TWICE to get the image from the remote Youtube website saved as the Intro Image. Otherwise any image can be manually inserted.

add post step2

Add Photo Gallery

Follow the logical steps to create a photo gallery in a post item

photogallery 1

photogaller 2

photogallery 3


Click Save then Close the window

photogallery 4

Adding Video

Note: When a Youtube video is added, the post must be saved twice to get the image from the remote Youtube website. For all other video sources, the image must be added manually using the Intro Image.

When creating playlists, only Youtube videos will automatically retrieve the video titles. You will need to add a vertical bar after the video URL then type the title. Example:|The Show On Earth

The vertical bar is on your computer's keyboard, above the Enter key. You need to press Shift then the vertical bar. See Image

xtrafield video

Audio Insert

When creating a playlist, to add titles to each item, add a vertical bar after the URL Example:|The Cool Jam

The vertical bar is on your computer's keyboard, above the Enter key. You need to press Shift then the vertical bar. See Image

You can only play .MP3, .MP4, .OGG audio files because they are compatible with all platforms and devices.

Third party sources such as,,, only need the URL. Those methods will not support internal playlist. The playlist wil need to be created at the external source, then enter the URL in the field

extra field audio

Quick Shopping Cart Insert

Enter an item name, a vertical bar then the price

The vertical bar is on your computer's keyboard, above the Enter key. You need to press Shift then the vertical bar. See Image

The cart only uses PayPal so you need to enter the email address which is used as the primary for your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use the cart with an email address. You will be paid as if by check so there will be 7 days before you receive the cash.

extra field cart

Directory Listing

extra field directory

Contact Form and Google Map

extra field map email

Event Listing

In the right column there is the publishing parameters. Set the Creation Date and Finish Publishing Date to the date of the event.

The Creation Date will determine the sorting by date of event ascending order. If not set, the order will be by date of publishing descending.

event date

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