Content Submission Method

Client User Manuals

Create a folder per category

Name each folder exactly as the category must be titled. If there will be sub categories, create those folders within the parent folder.

The uncategorized folder is solely to list individual pages which do not require a dedicated category. Eg: about us, shipping, privacy.


Place the items per category within each folder.

Images must be named as the title of the pages where they will be published. Alternatively the images can simply be numbered and an included simple text (.txt) file must associate the numbers per page title.

A file per page is preferred, however a single Word document with each page separated will be accepted.

Do not send vague data with instructions for us to choose what we may consider suitable. You must submit exactly what you want published.


Compress the entire package in a single .zip file

All computer systems include a method to compress files. Use that included application. If the .zip file is 10MB or greater, your email provider may not accept it. You will need to submit the file to a file transfer service such as the free Google Documents, then send the URL in an email. Note special instructions in the email body.


E-Commerce Sites

The following data must be sent if available.

  • Shipping rates
    • Flat rate prices based on region, state, county, country etc
    • Shipping services with which you MUST have an account. You will need to send the API data they provided.
  • Tax rates
  • Payment processors Eg: PayPal, Stripe, Square, WePay etc. You must have an account with the processor(s) you submit, and you must send the API details they provided.
  • Item options Eg: size, color, variations etc.
  • Prices per item and price differences based on options.