CMSE Content Framework For WHMCS

The extension is being updated to be compliant with the newest version of WHMCS. It is not available for download at this moment.

This extension for WHMCS web host billing and client management application includes a suite of applications that will make usage of WHMCS much more friendly and may even boost sales.

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With this extension, a WHMCS user will not need to install a massive CMS/Blog application like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. This will make WHMCS behave like those site managers.

It provides a method to easily format display layout by simply arranging shortcode placeholders in posts view, product detail view, category view or in custom HTML sidebar widgets -- in any desired format. The shortcodes are replaced by the related data objects.

[ image] [ title] [ text] [ videoplayer] [ audioplayer] [ post="56"] [ product="6"] [ group]

Easily replace the core primary and secondary navigation with custom menu items that are managed in the admin.

Create additional groups of menu items and place modular position (AKA sidebar) on a page or multiple pages by using the menu widget (foot, sideleft, sideright, mid, top, bottom).

Place WHMCS core widgets in any sidebar position.

Easily add multi-media to posts, including video, audio, photo gallery, survey polls. Display post metas such as author, post date, category, views, votes

Make template duplicates and edit the files right there in the administration area using a line number text editor.

Create multiple child templates and assign to categories or menu items to have different theme appearances for specific sections of the WHMCS website.

In short, the extension gives you absolute control over your WHMCS site display, without the need for a secondary CMS/Blog application and no need to edit template codes.

This website uses only WHMCS and CMSE Content Framework


  • Create unlimited categories for post articles
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Manage menu items to link to any page, category, product detail, product group
  • Each product has a detail page which can be shared to social media
  • Manage language changes easily via search and replace using form fields
  • Manage templates via template editor
  • Advanced method to create templates that can be configured via form fields
  • Assign multiple templates to any menu item, category, product group
  • SEF router to reform URLS to user legible strings
  • Easy custom formatting of any page by easily arranging object shortcodes, includes preset style selector
  • Insert video or audio playlists into posts and product detail pages. Excellent for user instructions or product introduction
  • Create advertising banners and track clicks and impressions
  • Place widget/modules in sidebar positions if the template supports positioning. (similar to WordPress or Joomla)
  • Set viewer permissions for menu items, posts, categories, product groups, product detail
  • File manager to easily upload images, PDF and other documents
  • TinyMCE editor enabled for product group and product description
  • Add image to product or product group for greater sale stimulation and to serve as poster image in social shares
  • Enable popup windows for mouse exit, page load
  • Enable tabs or slides to load content without clutter
  • Enable slide show for products, posts, images
  • Easily add fancybox photo gallery for product demo or user instruction
  • TinyMCE plugin to easily insert shortcodes
  • Developer friendly to allow creation of widgets that can be assigned to display positions
  • Installer for templates, widgets, language files

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