Change Log

1.0.7 - 7/20/19

  • Undo change for WHMCS 7.5 backward compatibility due to excessive code alterations and no user demand
  • Convert cart view configure product page to use layout shortcode formatting
  • Add cart view layout short code textarea to global configuration
  • Add cart view layout shortcode textarea to product group edit
  • Add new file com_product_cart.php in lib/Client
  • Various code changes in headOutput.php
  • Various global CSS changes in assets/cmseglobal.css and cmsefof.css
  • Template changes in sixflix/tpl/cart/configureproduct.tpl to adapt the shortcode layout process

1.0.4 - 7/11/19

  • Template changes for clientAreaProductDetails.tpl added tabs to content area
  • Various frontend javascript edits
  • Add css rule to display tabs
  • Changed updated notification URL

1.0.3 - 7/9/19

  • Corrected error with missing function name doVersion()
  • Corrected database missing field updated_at when updating a menu item with new template assigned.

1.0.2 - 7/8/19

  • Edit .tpl files to be compatible with WHMCS 7.5

1.0.1 - 7/7/19

  • Users of WHMCS 7.5 and lower had error with method getSiteKey() which is used in templates/six/includes/head.tpl to pass the Recaptcha public key to javascript. An alternative method was written to do the same action and eliminate the error.