Product Groups and Products

Group Edit

When CMSE Framework is installed, it provides an option to convert the Product Group Tagline field to a full WYSIWYG editor to enable long text and insertion of multimedia objects. This allows the user to make the group display page type much more search friendly and informative for the viewer.

The editor can be disabled at will.



Group Display Override

The product group display is defined in the global configuration, but it can be overridden within this section below the group editor.

Assign Template

This will allow selection of any existing child template. The group landing page along with all the product detail pages of the group, will be displayed with the selected template. Therefore allowing a user to have multiple themes per group.

Product Group View Layout

These fields will override the global group layout and allow the user to reformat as desired. There are preset layout formats which can easily be selected from the field labeled Preset Formats and the shortcodes will be automatically populated in the text area.

Product Detail Page Layout

This field will override the global layout for the single product detail page. It also has preset format to choose.

Save Configuration

Any changes made to the display override, must be save before saving the group. Just remember to click the green button before the blue.


Product Edit

The product edit page will have a WYSIWYG editor that will allow easy detailing of the item to inform the potential buyer and to allow links and stacking valid and valuable key words and phrases for search engine validation.

There is also an image manager to assign an image to the product post in order to have a graphic poster for social sharing and to visually stimulate an action by the viewer.