Shortcodes Glossary

Shortcodes exists in 2 usable methods

  1. Page layout
  2. Page data elements
  3. Pre-formatted data object output


Page Data Elements Shortcodes

These shortcodes are used within the page layout text areas for category, post, product group, product.

Shortcodes Used In All Page Types
[ image] The image attached to the page type
[ title] The title of the page type
[ text] Text of the page type
[ introtext] Short text shown in the latest post widget or in category view for each item in the category.


Product Only Shortcodes
[ addcart] Output a formatted button that will add the product to the cart
[ price] Output the lowest price of the product if recurring payment type is set or the price for one time type
[ pricetotal] Output the lowest price similar to [ price] but includes the setup fee and the calculates the total to be paid
[ priceall] Output the recurring prices of all the periods from monthly to triennially, with set up fee and the total.
[ group] Output a link to the category of the product detail in view. Used only in detail page. Displays the product group name
[ products] Output the product list when in product group page view


Posts Only Shortcodes
[ category] Output a link to the parent category page view.
[ posts] Output the list of post items when in category view
[ date] Output the date when the post was published
[ facebookcomment] Output Facebook comment form
[ disqus] Output Disqus comment form. A service ID is required for the form to function
[ author] Output the author name



Preformatted Data Object Shortcodes


[ videoplayer] Output a video player which displays videos added via the post's video insert.
[ audioplayer] Output an audio player
[ socialshare] Output social share buttons
[ slideshow] Output a slide show which is associated with the post
[ contactform=""] Output a contact form in any page type and text type widget
[ video=""] Output a single video player in any page type and text type widget
[ countdown="9/07/2019"] Output a digital style count down clock in any page type and text type widget.
[ post="24"] Output a formatted block with image, title and read more link. Placed in any page type or text type widget
[ product="15"] Output a formatted block with image, title and read more link. Placed in any page type or text type widget
[ widget="3"] Output a widget in any page type. The widget must already be configured and published in the widget manager.
[ googlemap="45 main st hartford ct"] Output an interactive graphic map in any page type
[ download="downloads/"] Output a download button with counter, file size and file hash.
[ popwin delay="3" once="true" poptype="mouseexit"]


[ /popwin]
Output a modal window which displays when the user's mouse is detected leaving the page to the browser toolbar
[ popwin delay="3" once="true" poptype="onload"]

content here

[ /popwin]
Output a full screen modal window which loads on page load time
[ slides] [ slide Accordion Slide Tabs]


[ /slide] [ slide Other Slide Title]


[ /slide] [ /slides]
Output an accordion slide tab function to post much content without clutter
[ tabs] [ tab The Tab Content]


[ /tab] [ tab The Title]

content here

[ /tab] [ /tabs]
Output tabbed content



Page Layout Shortcodes


Formatting Elements Shortcodes
[ div class="boxsize width_70 break"]

content here

 [ /div] [ div class="boxsize width_30 break padleft-20"] content here

 [ /div]

Output <div> element to format columns.