System Requirement

CMSE Content Framework for WHMCS follows similar requirements stated by WHMCS ( however some files files are encoded with IonCube for PHP 7.1+

Requirement Minimum Recommended
WHMCS 7.6 7.7 +
PHP Version 7.1 Latest 7.1 or 7.2 Release
PHP Memory Limit 64MB 128MB
PHP Database Extension PDO PDO
PHP Extensions Curl with SSL

GD2 Image Library
JSON Support

Curl with SSL

GD2 Image Library
JSON Support

MySQL Version 5.2.0 5.5.x
Ioncube Loaders
available on most modern servers
10.1.0 or later The latest 10.1.x version


CMSE Content Framework has not been tested with HostX template. There is no confirmation of compatibility. However there will be no conflicts because the extension uses explicit unique names for JavaScript and PHP functions.


CMSE Content Framework includes an excellent Search Engine Friendly system to convert url queries into legible strings with spaces replaced by hyphens, however it does NOT append any extension (.html, .php). See the guide to post pages and categories to mimic your current SEF URLs.

The core WHMCS page URLs will remain the same with their .php extension.