Kickstart Crowd Funding

A company growth program by Emuzement Net Inc.

Keep small black-owned businesses alive with your backing. The long term goal is to create high paying employment opportunities for many.

Goal $45,000

This capital will be used primarily for a power marketing campaign across social media to reach over 30 million views in 30 days, and secondarily hiring production staff as the need arise.

All advertising will initially be done at Facebook social media platform where over 2 billion users gather daily. The spending budget will be $15,000 over 30 days ($500 daily) and will begin once the funding reaches $5,000 minimum. This will ensure that there is at least 10 days of continuous display to reach approximately 4 million views and return an estimated 250 - 350 sales within that short period. This is based on average returns of 14 sales/m from current $600 monthly ($20 daily) spend.

Enter Amount $

Advertising Campaigns

These advertising posts at Facebook have generated over 3,100 customers through the years at the low budget of $20 daily. With an exponential boost in spending, the returns will be significantly greater.



Incorporated 2005 Tampa, FL

Emuzement Net Inc
FEIN: 20-3046349


Owned and Operated by Emuzement Net Inc.
Tampa, Florida USA 33609
813-319-4253 | 732-354-1799



Website Design and Development
Website Hosting
Website Management
Server Management
Server Software Development
Content development
Social media page management
Search Engine Marketing
Video production
Phone app development

Peeta Walka

Zekai Sabalie

Lisa Ahmed

Gayle Kanu

Mark Wallace

It's About Website Hosting For Millions In Revenue

New websites growth for October 2023 report from Netcraft titled Web Server Survey reflecting an increase of 8.3 million new sites globally for the given period. A high percentage are people who just want to try an online business and need the lowest cost, simple usage and all the common tools at no additional cost. We provide that and fully satisfy the needs of all our clients.

In the October 2023 survey we received responses from 1,093,294,946 sites across 267,962,271 domains and 12,371,536 web-facing computers. This reflects an increase of 8.3 million sites, 13.2 million domains, and 96,682 web-facing computers.

The largest gains this month came from Apache, which gained 19.6 million sites (+8.51%), OpenResty, which gained 5.7 million domains (+14.9%), and nginx, which gained 49,104 web-facing computers (+1.01%).

The largest losses came from LiteSpeed, which lost 1.4 million sites (-2.53%), and Google, which lost 345,532 domains (-9.96%). No major vendor saw losses in web-facing computers this month.

The packages provided at are exactly what the mass website owners desire. The website is created immediately on order payment and a default template is setup with sample content.

What We Sell

MaaX 25 - $25 annually

Uses subdomain as

  • Visual Page Builder
  • Shopping Cart
  • Multiple Free Customizable Templates
  • Video Player
  • Audio Player
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Email Account
  • Free SSL
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Internet Radio Player
  • Radio / TV Show Scheduler

MaaX 45 - $45 annually

Uses custom domain as

  • Visual Page Builder
  • Shopping Cart
  • Multiple Free Customizable Templates
  • Video Player
  • Audio Player
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Email Account
  • Free SSL
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Internet Radio Player
  • Radio / TV Show Scheduler

Potential Revenue Based On The Industry

It's about high volume sales and recurring subscription renewals

With an aggressive and consistent marketing campaign at social media where over 4 billion gather daily, and an advertising spend rate of $500 per day, the viewer reach potential is approximately 12 million per month.

The estimated monthly return over 6 months (based on above report, competitor sales reports and our current sales rate) is $122k at average $40 each (many buyers want the custom domain package). Client account management and billing are handled autonomously by the parent site at

The subsequent periods will see higher sales as the ad spend is increased across multiple platforms and potentially radio and TV.

Similar Website Provisioning Model

The reports indicate that there is a vast demand for websites with visual page builders and complex yet user-friendly shopping cart which is ready for use immediately on purchase via the site.

Social media ads by industry performers

Both ads were published about the same time on December 23 and spending the same at $250 daily, and the traditional hosting service by Bluehost has significantly fewer views.

Our model is similar to WIX. The user does not want to be concerned with the technicalities of a hosting setup. They just want a website, and that's what the Wix message states very simply. This is the format we have been using at significantly lower spending of $25 daily.

Purchase Flow

All aspects of the website subscription purchase process are automated. It only takes seconds to create the website with a randomly selected theme and configure based on values provided by the buyer during the order.

Distributed Software

These are applications which extend the functionality of popular platforms used by millions. They were developed based on needs presented by users of the core applications in various supporting forums online.

CMSE Framework For WordPress

$60 annual subscription with license key to limit use to a single domain.

This is an extension (known as plugin) of the WordPress website platform which has existed since 2002, used by over 90 million websites today, and is recommended by 80% of top web hosting providers.

About The Extension

This is categorized as a framework type application because it handles every aspect of modifying the behavior of the core WordPress system to simplify usage and adds functions and extends the behavior of various commonly used extensions including:

  • Woo shopping cart
  • Elementor visual page builder
  • Classic text editor

The tools are primarily based on admin user interaction via form fields to easily alter data storage and output. These functions are created as requested by current clients of, or by inquiries published at various forums related to the aforementioned applications.

The extension becomes a critical tool for current users and therefore next to impossible to remove so annual renewal is guaranteed. The goal is to keep adding useful functions to encourage dependency.

Revenue Potential

When marketed extensively at $500 daily spend at social media to reach over 4 million targeted viewers using WordPress, the returns could quickly reach $2 million in 8 months or less.

  • 1,031 downloads weekly

There is no shipping cost or storage overhead. It is simply a file to download.

Examples of file download rate

These are reports for 2 primary extensions which the CMSE Framework supports. This shows the daily download rate is way in excess of the estimate presented.

ShowManager For Live Streamers

Listed as one-time donation ware with range from $5

This extension provides a variety of user requested functions for locally installed software used for video streaming. It does not require exhaustive maintenance and is 99% client side coding (javascript) therefore the significantly low fee is appropriate. There is no licensing key however there is a single user limitation based on user IP location. This will ensure there is no sharing of user credentials for multiple simultaneous use.

The extension is web based and served via a hosting server with a URL. The platforms supported are

  • OBS - over 11 million users
  • StreamLabs - over 200k users
  • Prism over 80,000 users

There are many other video streaming software which will eventually be included.

Revenue Potential

The application was released in July 2023 and only promoted via few Facebook groups related to OBS, Twitch and live streaming. To date there are 87 users.

With a consistent social media marketing campaign at $100 daily, the potential returns are within $180k over 6 months.

There will be periodical emails sent to users with surveys for additional features, and include solicitations for donation to assist in development. It's been the method of donation ware for 20 years, tantamount to Wikipedia annually asking for support starting at $25

No download required

The extension is not installed which makes it possible to serve as a cloud format for any user with paid access to use on any machine with the parent application installed. It is served via the URL

Employment Potential

Job positions will include

  • Website content publishing (data entry)
    • Graphic designing
    • Site management
  • Social media marketing
  • Software development
  • Server engineer
  • Clerical processes

Approximately 20 employees in 6 months and steady increase per month. This will include other countries

Business Development By Crowd Funding Grows The Economy

Business crowd funding is a method which has been used since the advent of partnership and community bonding to build itself.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Case

When young Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield had the passion to make great ice cream and sell to the public, they turned to their local neighborhood for financial backing, simply 'cos the banks would have bled them dry by interest payments before they could see profit. It worked great and Ben & Jerrry's was born and themselves plus the community thrived. They employed many folks through the years and have made many folks wealthy through franchises and more.

The Virtual Communities

The community support method is true for millions of successful business across the globe, and with the advent of online business crowd funding platforms such as, many new and even old small businesses have received backing from virtual internet communities and have thrived.

Here are some cases of online crowd funding for small businesses with goal reached and exceeded, all from united support, 'cos unity makes the dream into reality.

Over 200k Businesses Have Grown By Crowd Funding