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Social Network Marketing Program

Social Network Marketing Program

If your Facebook community page has many followers but you're earning little to nothing -- join this network marketing program and start earning alot.

We have over 10,000 clients with various website types who need to promote products, services or blog websites. These clients will pay $5 per post at Facebook pages with 10,000 or more 'Likes' or followers. If you own or know someone with high volume Facebook pages, join the program and earn additional income. If clients like the post performance at your page, they will stick with you and you could be earning well over $5,000 monthly.


How the process works

Participants will not be required to write articles. Links (URL) to remote website pages or to  Facebook posts (post share) will be sent to participants via email. Clients will choose which participants they wish to send links.

Participants will post the link along with text validating the post as their own decision to share it with their followers. The link will extract data from the destination and produce the post content as shown in the image below.

fbpost sample

Each participant will have access to a dashboard at WebsiteDons.com where they will submit the URL to each post they produce. Post URL can be attained by click on the post date below the page name: fbpost url grab

The participant dashboard will display post URLs published, total income available, payment history

Payment Method

  • Payment is sent per 30 days or when total is $100USD or higher.
  • Payment is via PayPal, Payoneer, WePay or any other electronic payment method accepted.


Page Requirement

  • Must be 10,000 or higher in count for 'Likes' or followers.
  • Must be active with daily posts.
  • Must show interaction from followers ie: comments, post share.
  • WebsiteDons must be added as page role advertiser solely to boost client posts and view performance stats.
    fb role setup
  • Page owner must post to indicate interest in the content of the destination. ie:
    "I just read this article and it has some truth. What do you think about it?"


Facebook Group Posting Earnings

If you have memberships at high member volume groups with high user interaction (comments, share etc), you can earn $1US per post. Why is payment less? Posts within groups are quickly lost due to the overrun of posts by members. Posts are subject to deletion by group owners so the risk of zero return is very high. Posts in groups cannot be boosted via Facebook advertising.


  • Groups joined must be minimum of 20,000 members
  • Groups must not be related to marketing ie: MLM, work at home, like4like, trade etc.

Send details to join the program

Your Personal Facebook Page URL*
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URL to Facebook page(s) with 10k likes or followers
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Must be pages you own or have admin access

Payment Account Email
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This is the email address where payments will be sent. Either PayPal, Payoneer, WePay

Contact Name*
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