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A report by CNBC in 2013 indicated that $3,700 per second is spent on porn. This is the reason there is the phrase "Porn Is King" and why so many conservative corporations are deeply invested in adult media.


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Porn has become mainstream entertainment in our society, because it is better than violence and death. There is always a happy and pleasurable ending!

  • Porn sites receive more regular traffic each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.
  • 42% of internet media downloads are porn related.
  • 67% of internet users have been exposed to porn via ads, music videos and social media
  • Porn is a global annual $97 billion industry, with about $12 billion of that coming from the U.S.



What You Get

A pre-formatted and preloaded content website created for generating income within the multi-billion dollar adult industry and get you started immediately.

Adult media blogging is very lucrative because commercial adult content providers and adult product retailers are always seeking online marketing mediums. You can earn massively from shared ad revenue providers that focus on the adult content industry.

This FREE turnkey magazine which you will receive with annual website hosting subscription at just $83.40 ($6.95/m), will allow you to provide a web portal for media producers, live cam embedding, and put you in the position to boost income.

Benefits of the turnkey adult website

  • Already loaded with hundreds of pages with real content. No need to struggle with startup.
  • List of premium content producers that pay high commissions on affiliate sales
  • List of premium adult merchandise producers which offer drop-shipping
  • Allow registered users to post content and quickly increase value
  • Easy reformatting and styling tools
  • Multiple templates to choose
  • Paid membership system
  • Shopping cart
  • Unlimited web hosting service


How The Industry Profits


Over 108 billion global searches for various porn types in 2019, via search engines and any available adult magazine online.


PornHub and sites like it do not produce porn media They simply provide a portal through which content producers can promote their product, and pornhub earns from advertising, affiliate commissions and product sales.


Revenue Streams

Shared Advertising Revenue

Commercial adult content providers, adult product manufacturers and retailers pay for advertising via TraffickJunky and other massive ad servers. Website owners register as a publisher with the ad servers and earn from each click that an ad receives from a viewer at the website owner's site.

Affiliate Sales Commission

All the commercial adult content providers have affiliate programs which pay per subscription sale. You simply register with as many as you wish. Each page you publish will then include the link to the provider's website, and you earn when the user purchase.

The same is true for adult product retailers.

Drop Shipping For Adult Toys And Other Related Products

The free website includes an E-commerce shopping cart with unlimited capabilities. You register with numerous adult product retailers and manufacturers as a retailer. You list and sell their products at your website without literally stocking any item, and the retailer ships the item to the buyer. You earn from the percentage paid by the item provider.


Potential monthly income range for adult photo/video blog websites

  • First Month: $600 - $1,500
  • Third Month: $2,000 - $3,200
  • Sixth - 12th month: $4,800 - $6,000
  • Following years: $8,800 - $12,000+

*Revenue estimates are based on 3,376 current adult photo blog clients that proactively market/promote their website via social media, search engines and other mediums.


PornHub is owned by a deeply christian conservative Russian billionaire oligarch, and the site is worth over $3.3 billion in 2019. He is invested because there is massive wealth being returned.







Content Is Plenty And Free - Share Your Pleasure And Earn

You do not need to produce adult media! All the adult media producers provide free images and videos for promotion purposes. Video servers like PornHub, xVideos and hundreds more, allow video embed and it's very easy to do so by simply copying the video page URL and paste in your post. There are millions of people who view adult media as much or more than you do on a daily basis, and with this website you can share the content that excite you with millions, and earn steady income every month! You earn great income from affiliate programs that pay very well, and there are no limits on how many you can join.


The Adult Industry Is Very Profitable

The revenue is far too great for even the most extreme right-wing conservative person to resist investing in the industry, though they may not declare it in their portfolio, or maybe list it as some non-descript name like 'global cavalier media', as indicated by ABC News report:

Companies like General Motors, AOL Time Warner and Marriott earn revenue by piping adult movies into Americans' homes and hotel rooms, but you won't see anything about it in their company reports.



The website software or included content are NOT for sale! The fee is ONLY for the annual website hosting service!

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