• 1 year website hosting service: $83.40 ($6.95/mo)
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Multiple addon domains
  • Multiple databases
  • Free template
  • Website Management system installed
  • All your initial content entered
  • Unlimited pages
  • Easy owner maintenance
  • Shopping cart with no item limit
  • Same day setup


We Will Post Your Initial Content And Configure All Things Technical

No need to stress about learning how to use the website immediately. The content you send to us will be published and the website will be professionally out laid for maximum usability and sale conversion. All technical configurations will be done to suit your needs.  We provide an intuitive user guide so you can EASILY add more pages and media as needed.

Same Day Delivery

Our team's combined experience allows us to quickly install and configure the website operating system and immediately start inserting your content, so you are online the same day you purchase.


Standard Website Features

Member registration

Build a member database by requiring your users to register to view certain content within your Website. This is a great benefit as it gives you a direct marketing line to people who, by registering, have an interest in your content. Your registered users will have access to all the modules listed below.

User Management

Add or remove users. Block email and IP addresses. Assign user levels to Administrator or moderator. Manage user comments. Mass mail users.

Photo Gallery

All sites must have a photo gallery to take full advantage of the multi-media capabilities of the Internet. Create categories and sub-categories and an unlimited amount of albums. Just upload your photos, choose the album and click OK. The program will resize and populate the images. You can add titles and captions for each photo and even allow your users to rate and comment on each. You can also enable Watermark Protection which will block image copying.

Discussion Forum

Website users like to have discussions regarding anything. This increases your visitors and gives your site higher ranking in search engines.

News / Article publishing

Publish news, articles, magazines, stories, whatever you call it. You can start an online mini series that may one day become a movie! You can allow your users to comment on every article. You can assign contributors. Publish banner adverts within each article.


Post your daily ramblings and get feedback from your users.

Poll manager

Get feedback from users regarding issues or services. The results are shown in votes.

Feedback form manager

Create unlimited custom forms for any purpose.

Media player

Publish audio and video for progressive streaming. It also allows for a small popup window where the viewer can continue to browse the site while the audio plays in the background. Create a playlist. Create a 'Jukebox'.

Video Gallery

This will allow the display of videos as done at Youtube.com and viewers can copy and paste the video code within their own site.

Banner manager

Add multiple banner zones throughout your site. Assign banners to specific modules so that the DVD player advert will only show on the electronics page. The banners are rotated randomly and a report of clicks and impressions is generated in the admin area.

Event Calendar

Publish a calendar of events. Each day is click-able once there is an entry. Each event is automatically removed from display once the date has passed.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

You can sell products and services with this powerful shopping cart program. It is compatible with free Paypal payment processing so you won't need a costly Merchant service. There are also many other payment choices. Add products easily in categories and sub categories. Add attributes to items which may affect pricing ie; large, medium, red, yellow, hot, mild, 100GB hard drive, etc. Sell digital downloads. Sell anything! Note that if you intend to use an SSL Certificate for data transfer encryption then you should acquire this before the cart is configured. A dedicated IP address is required for the SSL and must be setup before the cart configuration is done.

User-Friendly Text Editor

Easily add text, images, video and audio. The tools are similar to most word processors like WORD.

Hosting Features

  • Unlimited Data storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Multiple databases
  • Multiple domains
  • Multiple FTP accounts
  • Fast performance
  • Spam Blocker


If I already have hosting service with another company can I transfer to Websitedons?

Yes and we will transfer your entire website at no fee.

Do I have to transfer my domain to you if I use your hosting service?

No. You only need to change your domain's nameservers, and we will do that for you at no fee.

If I choose not to renew my hosting with you will I get to keep my website and move it to another host?

Yes you can move your entire website as needed. We provide instructions to do so.

Can I modify the template from the administration area?

Yes. There are editing tools built into the administration area which you can easily use to edit the appearance to suit your desire.

Are there any recurring costs?

You only pay the annual web hosting subscription fee of $83.40

Do you provide detailed instructions to manage the website with the content manager?

Yes we have an online tutorial which details each area of the system.