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Turnkey Websites

Convert your social network sharing efforts into revenue

When you post at social networks, they get paid without producing the content! In essence, you are their free-labor content writers! It is best to post at your own site and use social networks to send traffic to your site.

If you already spend many hours at social networks, posting that which you found interesting, bothersome, exciting or needs the support of others, convert that effort into revenue by posting to your own website, then share your website posts within your social network and link them to your website to view the details. The flood of viewers you get at your social network pages will then move to your website pages.

The term TurnKey means immediately ready for use

These websites are pre-loaded with real and current content to get you started in a web magazine business immediately on purchase.

Purchase only the website hosting service at $6.95/mo, and the TurnKey website is included absolutely free!

See the available TurnKey websites below

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Available Turnkey Websites

Pay only for web hosting and get the Turnkey website free

General Web Magazine magazineView This Site
Christian Magazine christian blogView This Site
Event Listing turnkey event listing websiteView This Site
Already loaded with real content.
Includes inter-changeable template with many themes | 12 months web hosting
Order Your Turnkey Website Today And Start Earning Online Today

What's Included


  • The website is ready within 1 hour of annual web hosting purchase.
  • All technical configurations handled internally.
  • User manual included

magazine template style


All websites include the features listed below. The difference is ONLY the pre-loaded content type.

  • Video Player
    Play videos from every possible video source that provides an iframe embed, including Youtube.com, Vimeo.com, Vevo.com, TedTalks, PornHub.com, Xvideos.com and more, just by inserting the URL to the video. Post a single video or a playlist of related videos.
  • Audio player
    Play audio from any source with an iframe embed, local file or radio stream including SoundCloud, MixCloud, ReverbNation, Datpiff. Or create a playlist from mp3 files locally or remotely.
  • Photo Gallery
    Easily and quickly drag and drop multiple images to create an image gallery in any post.
  • Shopping Cart
    Sell anything, including downloadable software or media files, clothing, hardware, event tickets etc.
  • Event Listing
    Create an event list to show the event flyer image and Google map, complete with ticket purchase. The post will automatically be removed once the event passes when the date is entered.
  • Business Directory
    Allow users to submit their businesses.
  • Advertising Banner Manager
    Display advertising banners and track impression count, user clicks. Create advertiser accounts and bill periodically by CPM or PPC.
  • Poll
    Add surveys to any post
  • Live Chat Room
    Engage users and encourage interaction.
  • Social Network Tools
    Every post can quickly be shared by the reader. There is also a function to block a post or part of a post until the reader 'Like' or 'Follow' your social page.

Income Guide

The average pay out from Ad Revenue services to consistently updated website blogs/magazine is $3,700 per monthly. Online advertising spending for 2015 was over $600 billion and will increase significantly as the years pass.

Make money with a magazine website by simply inserting advertisements from Shared Ad Revenue services such as Google Adsense, AddClick, Taboola, Media.net

Create an account with any or all the Contextual Ad Networks and easily insert the provided coding into your website manager, and the ads will be populated throughout the website. The displayed ads are determined by the page content or most often by reader's previous website visit. So if the reader was looking at shoes on Macys.com, when they visit your turnkey website, the contextual ads will display shoes from Macy's.

Other Income Methods

  • Affiliate
    Earn a percentage of each item sold for a retailer. Just post their product or service advertising throughout your turnkey website.

  • Drop Shipping
    Stock your shopping cart without buying products. The retailer will ship the item to the buyer who purchases at your turnkey website. The products will automatically display on multiple pages where you assign the display sidebar so your visitors will constantly be exposed to your shopping cart.


When you purchase annual website hosting, you get access to the list of top selling products and the highest paying Drop Shippers and Affiliates.

Content Availability

Your content is what brings viewers, and content is vast and easily available online. You just identify what your followers like and make any trending article your own by simply re-writing it in your spectacular and simple words.

You don't need lengthy worded posts to intrigue viewers, it just needs to stir any of the media targeted sensations used in marketing for eons.

  • Joy
  • Fear
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Anticipation
  • Pity

There are literally millions of videos at third-party video servers like Youtube, Facebook, DailyMotion etc, which will stimulate all the marketing emotions and encourage viral sharing.

You can even select a niche such as Teen, Technology, AutoSport, HipHop, Reggae, Jazz and so on, then focus on the content relative to what your followers want to hear and read.

If you have an active social network, you are already ahead. You may be entertaining them daily with excellent posts but only the social network owner gets paid. Get this turnkey website and post your good stuff at your website, then send your followers to each post.

When you purchase annual web hosting, you get access to the tools and methods to quickly find current trending and popular posts and then re-publishing without any penalties from search engines or copyright infringement.
You also get the secret guide to building website traffic.

Adjustable Template

The template software for all the turnkey websites is easily reformatted using the intuitive tools built into the administration. It includes over 8 themes which can quickly be changed. The coloring per theme can also be adjusted as desired. Content display format can be arranged and rearranged at anytime without any coding. Just add your logo.

Web Hosting Features

  • Unlimited Data storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Multiple databases
  • Multiple domains
  • Multiple FTP accounts
  • Fast performance
  • Spam Blocker


Do I need be technically inclined or know programming to manage the website content?

No. You simply click Add Page and write as you would. Easily insert photo gallery, videos and audio in the same area where the page is being created. No need to move between plugins and components.

If I already have hosting service with another company, can I purchase just the website and install at my host?

Yes, but at the cost of $525. The price of $83.40 is for our annual hosting service and our goal is to sell web hosting.

Do I have to transfer my domain to you if I use your hosting service?

No. You will be sent instructions to change your domain's nameservers so it points to our servers.

If I choose not to renew my hosting with you will I get to keep my website and move it to another host?

Yes you can move your entire website as needed. We provide instructions to do so.

Can I use my own logo on the website

Yes. You simply insert it when personalizing the website.

Can I modify the template coding?

Yes it is oen source coding. You should only modify the custom files included so they are not overwritten when the template is updated.

Can I modify the template coding from the administration area?

Yes. There are editing tools built into the administration which will show the literal template codes and you can edit to your desire.

Are there any recurring costs?

Your web hosting is renewed annually at $83.40. There is no automatic billing. You are notified by email 30 days before expiration, and 4 times during that period.

Do you provide detailed instructions to manage the website with the content manager?

Yes there is an online tutorial which details each area of the system.

Can I re-distribute copies of the website?


Service Expertise

WebsiteDons.com specializes in Joomla©™, WordPress©™ and Drupal©™ Content Management Systems which have all been award winning and most popular website operating systems. WebsiteDons.com is a one stop website services center for all your website solutions including unlimited web hosting, website design and development, search engine optimization and website search engine marketing. WebsiteDons.com have produced and supported over 4300 websites very efficiently and helped many clients achieve success online.

The single web hosting plan makes it simple for any small business to make the most of an online presence without muddling through numerous technical options which just leads to confusion.

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