Website Service Packages

These service packages are designed to help a website owner with efficiency and productivity

Full Digital Website Management Service

40 hours per month - $525

  • Website content development and posting. Includes competitor research for keywords and presentation that delivers results. Methods are emulated and never copied.
  • Website configuration and re-configuration as needed for efficient content delivery.
  • Graphic design as needed.
  • Advertising media creation as needed. This includes images, video and audio.
  • Custom software development as needed for various processes that make user interaction simple and fast.
  • Single page social media management for follower growth and various solicitations. Includes content posts, sharing and promotion.
  • General marketing to attract website visitors and sales.


The service covers any and everything requested within the monthly service hours. Our goal is to work until you earn revenue in order to retain our staffing. No contract required. Cancel at anytime.

Website Types

The possibilities are endless. Just let your imagination run free and you may just create the most visited website