Ad Revenue Sharing Servers Other Than Google Adsense

If the Google Adsense door closes due to some seemingly silly "violation", there are many more that will open, and they may even pay you more. View the following list.


High payout on CPM (ad impressions) and a friendly policy. Their ad blocks fit seamlessly into your site and adjusts to screen width. The config tools gives many options to target specific audiences and devices.

Join the adsterra ad revenue sharing network


This is focused on inject posts from vast magazine and blog sources within your website pages to appear as "related posts" so viewers get the sensation that they are clicking to view an interesting article at your site but they are taken to the advertiser's page. Join the RevContent ad revenue sharing network


Whether you’re a publishing professional or just starting out, this ad server will monetize your content per ad impression and ad-clicks, header bidding, server-to-server bidding, and waterfall advertising.

Join the SOVRN ad revenue sharing network

Microsoft PubCenter

This is solely for Windows device apps and the ads only appear on screen even without the browser, so this is primarily for developers.

You may create an app which plays audio from internet radio stations and you give away the app at no cost. With a Microsoft ad application running, the user will be served with random advertising banners and you earn per click and impression. Join the Microsoft ad sharing network


This provider is similar to Google's Adsense in that the payment method, ad-click, ad impression pay out values are similar and the policy is almost identical. They do not have a problem with their ads displayed alongside other ad servers at a website. Join the Media.Net ad revenue sharing network

Info Links

If you seek ads that highly conservative based on societal morals, this is ideal for you. They have very strict requirements for the advertisers which blocks scam programs, MLM, cure-all pills, and anything that may otherwise be deceptive. Join the Info links ad revenue sharing program

Pop Cash

Another CPM service from which a publisher can earn significantly. Their ad stock is global and vast so you can define the ads based on your locale or regional. Join the PopCash ad revenue sharing network

Traffic Junky

This service primarily serve the adult porn industry so the ads will most definitely be mainly explicit, however they do provide filters which will exclude any graphic with nudity. They pay only ad-click. Join the traffic junky ad revenue sharing

Amazon Associates (affiliate)

This is the wealthiest retail business in the entire world and they spend gazillions on advertising, and a lot of ads run through blogs and magazines online. Get some of that cash flow through your site. Join Amazon Ad Revenue Program


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