Don't get blacklisted for tag abuse

Stop using tags carelessly within your WordPress website. It will only cause search engine penalties.

Tags serve the purpose of dynamic categorizing, tag words which are most likely to link similar or related posts. An example:

Paragraph from

For the first time in a few weeks, Kawhi Leonard returned to the San Antonio Spurs' practice facility on Tuesday. Leonard however, didn't practice with the team. Instead, he was rehabbing in the team's weight room.

Once Leonard finishes his rehab, he is expected to return to the court and re-join his teammates as they look to secure a top seed in the West. That's at least what Danny Green said Leonard told him.

Newbies who think they are gaining high search rank will tag every word in the paragraph, and apparently there is nothing that will convince them it's bad. The valuable tags for the sample paragraph would be: kawhi leonard, san antonio spurs, basketball training, nba basketball, nba injury list. Though Danny Green is mentioned, and is somewhat known, it's less likely (unless the site is all about nba) that there will be other posts dedicated to him.

Tagging is not about words used in the post, but all about relative words and phrases which will return valid posts and keep the search bots roving through the website. Use tags wisely.

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