Don't send your site visitors to social networks!

You may have seen websites with icons on pages stating 'View our Twitter page' or 'View our Facebook'. For what? The viewer is already at your website so why send them away to a site where you have nothing to sell. The whole purpose of social networks is to gather a flock and send them to your place of business and never the other way around.

You certainly should have ACTIVE social network pages but the solicitation to join those pages should be done at the networks by either an advert, hyperlinks in your email signature or the solicitation tools provided at the networks. What you want at your website are 'Share' links which lets the viewer display links to your webpage within their network page. The complete website packages we provide include plugins for the viewer to share your pages with all the major social networks.

Now the word 'active' was highlighted earlier because so many people create a network page and never post anything so what's the point of someone 'following' that page. For it to be effective there must be frequent posts to keep your followers interested. It's best not to have the page than to have an empty page.

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