Make your social share images stimulating to gain clicks

One may see an image for an ad at social media or anywhere, and the image doesn't seem to be related to the caption or title, there is a reason for that. Visual stimulation to trigger curiosity!

Human nature reacts to visual information, hence the adage "a picture is more than a thousand words"! With an effective image, an advert can have little or no words and yet people will take a look and an action (click) because they have now become curious, and that's the goal or marketing.

Don't seek an image to try to match a title that is "How to find the best deals" and show some cartoon icon of a dude with a magnifying glass. That will only stimulate the 8 year old kid who is browsing the web with dad. It must cause the person to pause and take a look, then let the caption define a few reasons why clicking could improve their day.

Ideal image types for visual stimulation

  • Animals
  • Cute kids
  • Kids doing funny acts
  • Lean males
  • Men in sport wear
  • Men fighting
  • Lean women
  • Women in lingerie
  • Women in swimwear
  • Women teasing sexually without being explicit
  • Monster graphic (bigfoot)
  • Vehicle crash graphic
  • Sport cars
  • Cash and jewelry (may be played out)
  • Anything sexual without being explicit
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