Monetize your time spent at social media

If you spend many hours at Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites, chatting with friends, commenting, searching for work, you are simply working for those websites -- without pay!

Social networks retain viewers by using the content viewers give them freely. Then they sell advertising which targets viewers and only the social networks earn money. Your daily effort goes unrewarded. End that by connecting with businesses which pay to share their page links.

Many businesses pay US$0.50 (that's 50 cents) per link share to any social network, regardless of page's following count. Of course the higher the page following is the better it serves the business because the likelihood of click conversion is higher. You don't need to produce the content, but you do need to personalize the post with a few caption words to remove the appearance of SPAM. This is very important!

Just tap your verbal creativity to make the caption be your personal opinion. Example:

Find businesses that pay per share

You won't see too many businesses advertising for post-sharers because they tend to leave the task to services that already have a database of people who will serve the task well. Don't be afraid to solicit! Make that effort part of your job hunt at social media. Send private messages to the businesses that advertise, you will see their ads on your social home page with an indicator that states Sponsored or Advertising. Just make your offer and show your value by listing the pages you manage, groups you joined, "friend" count etc. They just need to know that you can get them the views they desire, for less than what they pay to the social network.

The clients of will always be ready to pay for social share efforts. If you are interested, contact us to join the program and we will start sending you the links to share.

To get your payment, you must be able to receive funds via PayPal, WePay or Payoneer.

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