The excessive animations are unnecessary and only causes page load delay

Fact: 87% of people across the globe view websites via a mobile device at the average screen width 768px.

That all means there is little to no views of all the dramatic animations and most images, so all the javascripts and css files which total 30 MB become void and only cause delayed page loading, which leads to abandonment.

Stick with the K.I.S.S principle

The long time proven business principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid applies to any website which is especially e-Commerce. Leave the animated dramatics to the musical artists and movie promotion sites, they need that.

The average WordPress website source code looks like this graphic, (and this is just 30% of the scripts on the page) and it's just bad for biz. If an element has no purpose of converting to a sale of valuable action, get rid of it.



The viewer does not care about the slide show, they came to your website just for the content and they want it quickly with very little scrolling through garbage data. The excess visual dramatics are only pleasing to the UI developers and the site owner.

A site which many (usually UI devs) consider as "ugly" is because it is just a plain white page with text and plain boxed images in the posts, and the owners do not care because the site generates an average of $3 million annually because they have about 2 million viewers monthly, and none of those viewers have complained. It's not like the owners can't make it super sweet, because they have the skills being they are a media company with great designers and coders. It's just that they know simple is best for business.

If you want your blog or shop to be successful, go with the simple.

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