This is why linking to your social network page is bad business

Having a supporting social network page for your business is always a good prospect since they are now the virtual gathering places for billions of potential customers.

These social pages serve as a collection resource which if properly managed will effectively build a valuable network that will serve as a traffic directive to your website business place.

The major error people have been making is to follow the fad of sending visitors from their website to their social network pages. That action only positively serve the owners of the social networks. They will encourage you to point your visitors to the social page because they have ads to show.

Consider this real life scenario

There is a local fair or business expo where you have a booth to promote your products. As thousands of people stream by your booth you hand them a card with your store's address. They go to your store where you have actual products to sell but as they browse, they keep seeing signs directing them to the address of the expo to see your booth.

Thinking that they will get some kind of special deal, they leave your store without buying anything and head to the expo where they pay an entrance fee, sign a guestbook and give up their contact details, then are distracted and bombarded with hundreds of wonderful stuff that has nothing to do with you and eventually find a product similar and possibly better than yours. No sale for you!

The Expo promoters made money and got the contact data so they can now extend marketing for all the businesses, for a fee, via mail solicitation. Possibly other businesses earned from the person who was your potential customer.

Only use Social Bookmarking / Sharing Interfaces

Instead of sending the user to your social network page, use social bookmarking plugins which will allow the user to 'Share' or 'Like' your website's content among their social network. That is done without the user leaving your website.

Social bookmarking will start the process of 'viralizing' your content and attract new visitors.

Gaining social network followers for your network pages.

Your social network pages certainly needs followers to be productive and this is where the task gets very 'worky'.

  • First thing is there MUST be postings on the page! Do no invite followers to a blank page. Write a few one liners that relate to your products and the benefits. Link to specific pages at your business website where the viewer can get more details on the product.
  • Start the followers by inviting your friends and encourage them to invite their friends.
  • Post attractive images with stimulative messages graphically written on the image and include your website address in smaller text. Images tend to be shared more than plain text.
  • Join relative networks and get into conversations and provide helpful statements. Do not SPAM and Do not link to your website from those discussions but hint to your social page.
  • Post engaging messages. Questions to solicit a response. Not all post should be relative to your products or selling something. At times it is best to just write a thought you had about the struggles of people living in the cold.
  • If you can afford it, give away items via a competition. Ask a question and award the first correct answer.
  • Comment possitively on sensitive issues such as cancer, job market, poverty in India.
  • For the most tedious part of gaining followers, establish a blog at your business website. Post articles on any and everything but always add a line or few which relates to your business and include links to 'buy now' pages. With an active blog, you now have many pages to link from your social pages without boring the viewers with constant bombardment of a product page. Be sure to follow the Do's and Don'ts of posting.
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