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Gain site visitors via social networks

For a website to achieve success, there need to be visitors, and to get visitors, you need to advertise. Of course the cost of advertising can be overwhelming and brings no guarantee of sales.

Alternative to costly advertising

The advent of online social media has provided an alternative to costly advertising campaigns since there are 'real' people just hanging out to chat with others about anything, and that 'anything' can be presented via pages created at the social network ex: Facebook business or fan page, Facebook groups, Twitter page, Instagram images etc.

The most popular and effective audience interaction posts are puzzles, mathematical equations and trivia, and there are many which can be found at your fingertips... literally.

Simply use your preferred search engine to find 'puzzles and trivia', then pick from the list. It is best to post no more than 2 of these puzzles per week because the goal is to maximize the interaction of each post.

Subtly use the post to send users to your business website by inserting a link to your site for the answer to the puzzle, or offer a reward if they post the answer at your business website.

Here is an example.

This physics trivia has gained millions of user interaction since its inception in 2013

viral puzzle

The answer is simultaneously  3 and 4

Tank 1 will fill only to the overflow point which then begins to fill Tank 2

Tank 2 will fill only to the overflow point and then begin to fill tank 3

Tank 3 will fill to the level above the flow point of tank 4 where the pressure is enough to start the flow.

Once tank 4 fills to the level of the overflow point, there will be resistance to the pressure from tank 3 so the filling will halt. This will in turn cause tank 3 to continue filling, and the increased pressure will restart the flow to tank 4, and they will both continue filling at the same rate, because they are equally leveled and sized.

Now that tanks 3 and 4 are filled, there will be resistance to flow from tank 2 which then continues to fill before tank 1.

Though there is an overflow point before tank 2 fills, the principle for tanks 3 and 4 does not apply because tank 1 is at higher level and the pressure will always be higher than the lower tanks, therefore tank 1 will fill last.


Post Socially With A Purpose

Your social network post should serve a valuable purpose other than satisfaction of seeing 'Likes'! The more you post at the social networks, is the more profit they gain. Get your share by following the rules of marketing, and post with destination links to your website.

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