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Make Joomla articles deliver the correct metadata to social networks

You don't need any special extension to get a Joomla article to supply image and other valid meta data to social networks. While the article component does not natively include a method to feed networks, the template override system makes it possible for a user to add the function to their template.

  1. Use the template override function to create an article override template
  2. Edit the file, now in your default template at templates/yourtmpl/html/com_content/article/default.php
  3. Add the following code lines at the top, right after the line JHtml::_('behavior.caption);

//-----------------------------[ Add Article Social Media Meta Tags ]----------------------//
$document = JFactory::getDocument();
$item = $this->item;

$metadesc = $document->getMetaData('description');
if( !empty($item->metadesc) ) {
   // get description from article metadesc field if set
   $metadesc = $item->metadesc;
   // get first 150 characters from text area of article
   $metadesc = strip_tags(substr($item->introtext, 0, 150));

$document->setMetaData('og:site_name', JFactory::getApplication()->get('sitename'), 'property');

// this line is optional. be sure to replace the sample appID to your own
$document->setMetaData('fb:app_id', 'JH58R6745RTh90', 'property');
// this line is optional
$document->setMetaData('article:publisher', 'https://www.facebook.com/mygreatfbpage', 'property');

$document->setMetaData('og:url', substr(Juri::base(),0,-1).JRoute::_(ContentHelperRoute::getArticleRoute($item->slug, $item->catid, $item->language)), 'property');
$document->setMetaData('og:title', $item->title, 'property');
$document->setMetaData('twitter:title', $item->title);
$document->setMetaData('og:description', $metadesc, 'property');
$document->setMetaData('twitter:description', $metadesc);
$document->setMetaData('twitter:card', 'summary');
if( !empty($images->image_intro) ) {
   $document->setMetaData('og:image', Juri::base().$images->image_intro, 'property');
   $document->setMetaData('twitter:image', Juri::base().$images->image_intro);
}elseif( !empty($images->image_fulltext) ) {
   $document->setMetaData('og:image', Juri::base().$images->image_fulltext, 'property');
   $document->setMetaData('twitter:image', Juri::base().$images->image_fulltext);
$document->setMetaData('og:image:width', '600', 'property');
$document->setMetaData('og:image:height', '315', 'property');
// if you want to strip the default generator statement

From then on all your shared articles will provide the correct info. You can test the shared URLs at FaceBook and Twitter to see what is scraped.
Twitter validator: https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator
FaceBook debugger: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/

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